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Discover practical insights into the Book of Joshua. You'll find David Jeremiah's introduction to the Book of Joshua on page 275-276 of  The Jeremiah Study Bible.

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A Leader's Charge

Joshua 1:1-9

God carefully prepared Joshua for the assignment of leading the Israelites.

  • He caused Joshua to remember the past (1:3, 5).
  • He commissioned Joshua with a responsibility to perform (1:2–4).
  • He challenged Joshua to respond with poise (1:6–7, 9).
  • He...

Be Strong and Courageous

Joshua 1

When Israel was poised on the east bank of the Jordan River, ready to cross over into Canaan, God gave Joshua the often quoted words of encouragement, "Be strong and of good courage; do not be afraid, nor be dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you...

At the Brink of the Promised Land: Take 2

Joshua 3:14

Israel had already felt the terrible sting of delayed obedience. They had been captives in Egypt for 400 years. Moses had been called to lead them out of their bondage, to bring them to the Promised Land. They traveled out of Egypt to...


Joshua 18:1

The conquest of Canaan was mostly complete, so the religious center of Israel was moved from Gilgal to a more central location, Shiloh—the tabernacle's first permanent site. The tabernacle remained there for several hundred years, throughout the period of the judges,...

Prosperity: The Danger Zone

Joshua 23:6-16

This was a precarious moment for Israel: they had stayed true to the Lord when they had to depend on Him to fight their battles, but now they were entering a time of peace and prosperity. In order for them to survive spiritually during this season...

As for Me and My House

Joshua 24

The last thing Moses did before his death was to call the nation of Israel—camped on the plains of Moab waiting to inherit Canaan—to confess their allegiance to God and His covenant. The book of Deuteronomy represents that call to covenant renewal, with the...

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4:4-7 For Reflection Memorial Questions 283
6:1 Historically Speaking The Jericho Strategy 285
8:30-35 Historically Speaking Amphitheater of Covenant Renewal 289
10:12 Tough Questions Was this a miracle or a natural phenomenon? 291
12:1 Tough Questions Why does God condone so much war and killing? 294
20:1-9 Historically Speaking Cities of Refuge 302
22:1-6 Teaching Points Parting Words 304
24 FYI Joshua's Last Words 307
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Caleb: He Succeeded where Others Failed

Mobilizing the People

The Conquest of Jericho

Facing the Future without Fear

The Cleavers Don't Live Here Anymore

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