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At the Brink of the Promised Land: Take 2

Joshua 3:14

Israel had already felt the terrible sting of delayed obedience. They had been captives in Egypt for 400 years. Moses had been called to lead them out of their bondage, to bring them to the Promised Land. They traveled out of Egypt to Kadesh-Barnea, where God again promised that He would give them a wonderful land that flowed with milk and honey. In response to God's instructions, Moses sent spies into the land (Num.13:1-3). When the spies returned, instead of seeing through the eyes of the Spirit, most of them saw through the eyes of the flesh. The majority report said the land that God had promised was filled giants, and they could never defeat these strong nations to enter Canaan. Because of the Israelites' disobedience and unbelief, God waited for that generation to die before anybody could enter the Promised Land. (Read the story in Numbers 13—14.) But they had learned their lesson, so when Joshua gave his orders for them to enter the Promised Land, they acted immediately. When we delay in obedience, we simply hold back what God wants to do for us until we are willing to pay the price of obedience.

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