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Discover practical insights into the Book of Mark. You'll find David Jeremiah's introduction to the Book of Mark on page 1339-1341 of  The Jeremiah Study Bible.

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One with Authority

Mark 1:22

First-century Judaism was a complex web of authority structures. Pharisees were the popular leaders of the people, while Sadducees controlled the temple, and both groups populated the Sanhedrin—the ruling council—along with various elders, priests, and scribes...

Hard Hearts

Mark 6:52

Depending on the kind of change at hand, many people don't embrace change well—especially when it has to do with something as unsettling as changing one's own status in relation to God. People can be slow to change or they can be stubborn about changing—they can...

True Compassion

Mark 8:2

A foundational teaching of the New Testament concerns the dual nature of Jesus Christ: He was both God and man, both divine and human. When Jesus manifests strong emotions His humanity is often cited—"Jesus is human like us." Yet many of those emotions—love, anger,...

Of Camels and Rich Men

Mark 10:25

Hebrews 4:12 says "the Word is . . . a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart." If that is true about the written Word of God, it is equally true about the living Word of God, Jesus Christ. On numerous occasions, the four Gospels give evidence...

Pilate: In Search of a Spine

Mark 15

Pontius Pilate was a weak and immoral bureaucrat appointed by Rome to be their representative ruler over Judea. Pilate had one mission from Rome: Maintain pax Romana, the Roman peace. And he was given authority by Rome to do what needed to be done to...

For Additional Reading

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Mark Feature Title Page
1:9-11 Essentials of the Christian Faith The Triune God  1343
2:1-12 For Reflection Bringing Friends to Jesus  1345
4:37-41 For Reflection Surviving Life's Storms  1350
6:17,18 Historically Speaking Herod and Herodias 1353
7:10-13 FYI The Danger of Tradition 1355
9:2-6 Historically Speaking  Elijah  1358
10:17-25 Historically Speaking The Power of Possessions 1362
11:11-14 Picture This  The Cursed Fig Tree 1364
12:13 Chart Overview of Jewish Groups
at the Time of Jesus  
12:41 Historically Speaking Treasury Boxes 1367
13:1,2 Historically Speaking The Temple 1368
14:33,34 Picture This Jesus' Anguish  1370
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Jesus at the Treasury

The Greatest Miracle